About us

Saul Lieberman Institute for Talmudic Research
Created through the generosity of the Dr. Bernard Heller Foundation, By Professor Shamma Friedman, the institute honors the memory of Professor Saul Lieberman (1898-1983) and strives to attain the high standards of scholarship and teaching that he set for his students.
The Lieberman Institute specializes in developing modern Electronic Digital research tools for Talmud study. The Mission of the institute is to continuously develop and improve our databases that enable sophisticated digital access to the vast wealth of Talmudic scholarship , and advance Talmudic research with the highest standards of the digital age To support this goal, the following extensive, computer-based research tools have been developed:
The Sol and Evelyn Henkind Talmud Text Data Bank, which includes drawings from the Lieberman Institute's complete collection of Talmud manuscripts, facsimiles, photographs, and genizah-fragment photocopies. The computerized data bank provides scholars with the means to analyze the Talmud's literary and stylistic features through the breadth and depth of the entire Talmud.

The Index of References Dealing with Talmudic Literature:
The Index is a comprehensive online research tool directing the user to discussions and interpretations of Talmudic passages found in both modern academic research and medieval Talmudic scholarship.
By Supplying scholars with quick and easy access to pertinent information the Index is revolutionizing Judaic studies research in many ways:
• The Index radically alters old methods of bibliographical searching and brings Talmudic research up to par with contemporary standards.
• The Index increases the access and exposure to Talmudic scholarship within the wider field of Judaic studies.
• The index gives researchers access to thousands of references to Talmudic passages in both modern research and medieval scholarship.