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The Lieberman Institute Talmud Text databank is proud to present our newest feature:
A full word for word comparison of the textual witnesses on entire chapters of the Babylonian Talmud.

The synopsis is compiled and presented as an Excel spreadsheet, each file encompassing one full chapter, aside from specific cases, where the chapter is split into two parts.

In order to preserve the sideboard (the list of Textual witness markings) throughout the file please freeze the first column with a few simple steps:
•         Put the cursor in the first column.
•         On the menu bar click View
•         Click Freeze panes
•         Select ''freeze first column''.


Chapter 1 part one fol. 2-6    Chapter 1 part two fol. 7-13a
Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5
Chapter 6 part one fol. 35-39    Chapter 6 part two fol. 40-45a
Chapter 7    Chapter 8

Chapter 10

Chapter 2 part one fol. 21-32a   Chapter 2 part two fol. 32b-42a

Chapter 1 part one fol. 2-16      Chapter 1 part two fol. 17-20
Chapter 2       Chapter 3         Chapter 4         Chapter 5  

Chapter 1 part one fol. 2-10a      Chapter 1 part two fol. 10b-17a

Chapter 2

Chapter 7

Bava Mezia
Chapter 5

Chapter 8       Chapter 9      Chapter 11 part one fol. 90-97
Chapter 11 part two fol. 98-105    Chapter 11 part three fol. 106-113

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


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